V2R Capability Spotlight | Compliance


Compliance standards delivery

Many of our customers have operating sites that have been in use for many decades. As we know compliance standards, as well as operating requirements, change with time. For customers to achieve the best utilisation of their assets there is a constant need for them to be recycled and/or upgraded to meet their operation requirements as well as their compliance obligations. Such compliance can be but not limited to Fire, Building Code and Australian Standards such as the AS1428 for access and mobility.

Many of our projects involve upgrading existing operating facilities to meet both compliance and operating requirement standards. The challenge is always to be able to interpret and verify how existing infrastructure can be refurbished/retrofitted so that it will be fit-for-purpose for its future use. To be able to do this V2R Projects works in conjunction with experienced and highly regarded building professionals to achieve practical solutions to issues encountered with existing infrastructure.

V2R Projects has completed 15 compliance projects within the past two years throughout Queensland for Department of Defence and Bluecare on their existing operating facilities. Each project has its unique restraints and operational requirements. They are never “sexy” projects, they will cause some distribution to operations but are vitally important to our customers’ needs. Our experienced team has been able to apply their skills and knowledge to be able to provide practical solutions to meet the functional requirements of our customers with minimal disruption and mitigation of additional risks created when delivering a project in an operational environment.

Shaun McBain, Director V2R Projects Queensland


Shaun McBain is the Managing Director of V2R Projects.

With more than 30 years experience, Shaun is able to lead the team in end-to-end delivery and development of innovative and cost-effective design and construction methodologies. Throughout his career, Shaun has delivered highly technical and challenging construction projects across Australia. His ability to bring together agile, innovative, and committed project teams ensures certainty of delivery and quality assets of long-term value for our partners and clients.